Our Services

Based in Enfield, North London,  J & A Asbestos Removal Specialists Ltd  provide a wide range of asbestos removals, collections, testings and maintenance services including but not limited to:

  • Asbestos Cement roof removal (large sheets of corrugated cement domestically found on garages and shed roofs)
  • Asbestos Cement panel removal (sides of garages, sheds, walls, porch and ceilings)
  • Asbestos Cement soffit removal (roof overhang, sits behind fascia at eaves level)
  • Asbestos Cement guttering and downpipe removal
  • Asbestos Cement water tank removal
  • Asbestos Floor tile and coverings (vinyl floor tiles, linoleum)
  • Asbestos Flue pipe removal (can be found in boiler systems, air conditioning and ventilation systems)
  • Asbestos Textured coating removal (commonly known as Artex. This is found on ceilings and walls)
  • Asbestos Textiles (such as old fire blankets and flash guards which can be found inside a fuse box)
  • Asbestos Composites (these can be found in toilet cisterns, window sills and bath panels )
  • Asbestos waste collection and disposal service

​Asbestos Testing Services -  If you have concerns relating to any possible materials that contain asbestos, then we will visit the property and take a small sample. This sample will then be tested at an an independent UKAS accredited asbestos analytical laboratory. You will receive a sample report explaining the result. 

Asbestos Encapsulation - As part of our maintenance service, we can apply ET150 polymer emulsion to encapsulate any asbestos. This emulsion is easily applied and provides a durable and flexible, water resistant finish. ET150 is applied twice by either brush or spray and forms a flame resistant finish and can therefore withstand a wide range of temperatures.

Asbestos Waste management - Asbestos is extremely hazardous and therefore needs to be disposed of correctly in line with UK legislation and regulations. Waste consignment notes will be provided to reassure you that any asbestos waste has been disposed of safely and legally at a designated asbestos waste transfer station.